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Muraqqa': Imperial Mughal Albums from the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin

ID code: Muraqqa': Imperial Mughal Albums

--Muraqqa': Imperial Mughal Albums from the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin

528 pages, softbound and hardbound, with 230 color and 23 black and white illustrations, authored Dr. Elaine Wright; Curator of the Islamic Collections, the Chester Beatty Library; Dr. Susan Stronge, Senior Curator, Asian Department, Victoria and Albert Museum; Prof. Wheeler M. Thackston, former Professor of the Practice of Persian and other Near Eastern Languages, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, Harvard University; Dr. Steven Cohen, textile specialist and independent scholar and author; London; and, also from the Chester Beatty Library, Charles Horton, Curator of Western Collections, and Rachael Smith in association with Jessica Baldwin, both Conservators.  Hardcover distributed by the University Press of New England.  Published in 2008.

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