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The Invisible Made Visible: Angels from the Vatican

Angels appear frequently both in the Old and New Testaments as messangers and heralds. The theological, and hence, the artistic challenge has been to speak, write, and create images of these invisible beings as they interact in the temporal realm throughout salvation history. Over 100 objects are part of the viewing, some of which will be seen for this documented public display.


Dates: February 1998 - March 1999


February 4 - April 12

May 9 - August 2


November 8 - January 3, 1999        


UCLA at the Armand Hammer Museum of Art & Cultural Center (Los Angeles, California)

St. Louis Art Museum (St. Louis, Missouri)

The Detroit Institute of Arts (Detroit, Michigan)

The Walters Art Gallery (Baltimore, Maryland)

Norton Museum of Art (West Palm Beach, Florida)


January 23 - March 21


Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto, Ontario)


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Art Services International Exhibitions