Art Services International Exhibitions

Traveling Exhibition Services

We offer a full complement of services to lenders, both private and institutional, and to exhibiting museums in the United States and abroad. From the very conception of an exhibition to the opening event publicity materials, ASI handles every aspect of a traveling exhibition. We:

  • Negotiate loans
  • Arrange the traveling exhibition tour itinerary
  • Seek funding to reduce hosting museum participation fees
  • Produce a scholarly, full-color catalogue
  • Administer wall-to-wall, all-risk insurance
  • Create publicity materials
  • Oversee the packing and transport of the works

Our traveling exhibitions are offered to museums and other qualified exhibitors at participation fees that reflect ASI's non-profit status and its success in securing grants and contributions. The participation fees include packing and transportation costs; wall-to-wall, all-risk insurance; and publicity material such as photographs, press releases, biographical and bibliographical information, and information on lecturers and films.

Supplementary educational and interpretive materials are often provided, including slides, didactic panels, photo panels, and posters. Exhibitions are accompanied by fully illustrated color catalogues. The knowledgeable staff assists potential exhibitors with their individual requirements and can help develop an exhibition program specifically tailored to the institution's needs.

Traveling Exhibitions from Art Services International
Images courtesy of and used under license from the Lenders, unless another source is noted.
Art Services International Exhibitions