Art Services International Exhibitions

Board of Trustees

A distinguished Board of Trustees, with broad experience and involvement in the arts, oversees ASI's activities.
Fashioning Kimono - Philadelphia Museum of Art - ASI Staff and Board
Board of Trustees

Board of Governors

    Father Allen Duston, O.P.
    Peter Gore
    Jeffrey Montgomery
    Michael F. McAllister
    Dorothy B. Nagle
    Lynn K. Rogerson

Fashioning Kimono - Philadelphia Museum of Art - ASI CEO Lynn K. Rogerson and Board Member Jeffrey Montgomery


International Advisory Council

    Professor Nassar D. Khalili, KCSS, KCFO
    Lady Victoria Leatham

    Louis-Antoine Prat
    Pierre Rosenberg
    Nicholas Fox Weber

Traveling Exhibitions from Art Services International
Images courtesy of and used under license from the Lenders, unless another source is noted.
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Art Services International Exhibitions